For Immediate Release, October 30, 2019

Contact: Casey Hanson, Director of Outreach and Engagement, Kids Win Missouri
(314) 703-8126,


Statement from Casey Hanson, Director of Outreach and Engagement, Kids Win Missouri


We were disappointed but not surprised to see our children’s uninsured rate continue to increase in Missouri, based on the new Georgetown report. Our state has seen almost 100,000 children fall off the Medicaid and CHIP insurance rolls in the past two years, even when many of those children are actually still eligible to receive coverage.

Missouri must do more to ensure that all of our children have health insurance. When kids lose their health insurance, they don’t get the preventive care they need to stay healthy, and chronic conditions can worsen. Missouri can do better to ensure that eligible children get enrolled – and stay enrolled – in Medicaid and CHIP.

Kids Win Missouri, in partnership with Missouri Budget Project and Missouri Coalition of Children’s Agencies, has been working with doctors, nurses, community health centers, social workers, schools, and others from across the state to identify a path forward to make sure Missouri kids have the coverage they need.

There are important steps our state can take to ensure that children are covered, like providing kids with 12 months of continuous coverage when they enroll in Medicaid to increase efficiencies and avoid coverage gaps, using available data and technologies to streamline the eligibility processes and to increase no touch renewals that reduce barriers to enrolling and retaining coverage, addressing staffing shortages and training gaps, and simplifying the enrollment and renewal processes.

We look forward to working with policymakers and our partners to strengthen health care in Missouri to cover our kids.


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