Erica Williams is active in her community and is deeply concerned about the economic status of north St. Louis County and particularly its black citizens.  Through her academic research and community involvement, she has linked St. Louis’s racist past to North County’s current economic status and the racial inequality blacks still experience. Her passion and dedication led to her founding a collaborative, community benefit organization called A Red Circle.  Red, because all blood is red and a circle to represent safety and unity. In addition to her work with A Red Circle, Erica is a St. Louis Master Gardener, co-chairs MOCAN – Missouri Council on Activity and Nutrition and its Food Systems Work Group, sits on the Youth Ed & Development committee of Kids Win-Missouri and participates in HomeGrown Stl, is on the executive board committee as treasurer for Missouri Health Care for All and is a member of the Nine Network Community Advisory Board. She is the recipient of a Focus St. Louis Award, My Name is Need, an Impact Award, and an award from the Coalition for Human Rights.