Make a Plan and Go Vote for KIDS!

Go Vote!

We are ONE WEEK away from Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, and if you haven’t already, it is time to make a plan to vote. Follow the prompts below to prepare yourself for the big day!


Understanding who the candidates are on your ballot and what positions they are running for is a great first step. To find out who is on your ballot, you can visit to see your sample ballot. You can always use Google or your local newspaper to get information on candidates, but a few other ways you may consider learning about who’s on your ballot – you can listen to podcasts, like Politically Speaking, where many of the candidates are interviewed throughout the year, or watch This Week in Missouri Politics, a Youtube show that also features weekly interviews and panels with Missouri politicians and politicos.


This year, there are at least 5 ballot issues that Missouri voters will decide on. You can read the ballot text on each issue by looking up your sample ballot here, or you can visit a website like, which offers summaries and unbiased information on each ballot issue.


For the first time, Missouri has no-excuse absentee voting for the weeks leading up to the election. Between now and November 7, you can visit your local election authority to vote early if you can’t make it on Election Day. You will need a valid photo ID to vote (Read more on that here). On Election Day, you can vote at your polling place throughout the state from 6 AM – 7 PM. If you are voting on Election Day, decide now when you are going to go and add it to your calendar!


You can find your local election authority here if you plan to vote ahead of Election Day, or find your Election Day polling place here.


As advocates for children, one of the easiest ways we can use our voice and stand up for kids is by showing up to vote in EVERY election. We are selecting leaders who will not only make decisions for our children’s FUTURE but also for their NOW. Make sure you get out to vote and let your voice be heard!

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