Medicaid provides youth and families with needed access to care.

by Jim Wallis, 16 years supporting youth and families through Not for Profit agencies

After more than 30 years helping at-risk youth and their families, I’ve seen how Medicaid can help Missourians access the mental health and addiction services and care they need.  Fortunately, on August 4th, we all have the opportunity to save lives and strengthen families by expanding Medicaid and bringing Missouri tax dollars back to our state to ensure we have healthier kids and healthier families in Missouri.

2020 marks my 31st year in the profession of helping at-risk youth and their families.   In 1993 I moved to Lincoln County in accepting a position of a Deputy Juvenile Officer serving Lincoln and Pike Counties.  Later I worked for the Division of Youth Services at Camp Avery in the Cuivre River Park.   The last sixteen years I have worked for Not for Profit agencies helping youth and adults with mental health and addiction issues.

In 2006, the forward-thinking citizens of Lincoln County passed the “Putting Kids First” initiative, creating a sales tax that allocates funds for youth 0-19 who need extra assistance with behavioral health issues.  Many other communities around the state have passed similar initiatives and lives have been saved over the years due to these additional services.

Medicaid expansion gives us another opportunity to save lives and improve the health and well-being of our neighbors. We are already paying for Medicaid expansion, and Missourians deserve the benefits of health insurance coverage. Presently, over $1 Billion of Missourian’s tax dollars are sent to Washington DC each year and go to other States (New York, California, Arkansas, etc.) to help pay for their citizen’s healthcare.

Now is the time to make a stand and keep Missouri tax dollars helping Missourians. By voting YES on Amendment 2 on August 4th, you will be voting for strengthening and ensuring a stronger future for Missouri’s youth and families.  By voting YES on Amendment 2, we can keep more Missouri tax dollars in our State. By voting YES on Amendment 2 – 230,000 additional Missourians will have a chance at a brighter, healthier future.

Vote YES on Amendment 2 – August 4th.

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