Missouri Pediatricians Encourage Well-Care During Crisis

by Missouri Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

With the presence of COVID-19 cases in the state, pediatric and family medical offices have implemented protocols to ensure children and families stay safe, while receiving routine well care.We encourage all patients to call their local clinic to discuss if an in-person visit is needed, should be delayed, or switched to a telehealth visit.

Due to COVID-19, practices around Missouri have either started or greatly expanded their telemedicine capabilities. Pediatricians are using different technological platforms to host visits – Zoom, WebEx, Skype and others – and are reporting overall success. Telemedicine is allowing doctors to address many routine complaints, such as respiratory infections, rashes, stomach pain, eye infections, and injuries without an in-person visit.

For visits that need an in-person examination or immunizations, doctors are stepping up precautions: bringing patients directly from their cars to a room, utilizing separate entrances, completely separating office space between sick and well children, or holding well visits first and then sick visits later in the afternoon with additional cleaning procedures in between visits. These extra steps are being taken in order to prioritize patient safety and health. Clinics are adapting their office visit procedures weekly based on up to date guidance.

MOAAP urges families to reach out to their doctors to ask about telemedicine options and other visit precautions. If we delay needed care, and immunizations, we risk other health problems as well. We hope to work together to be there for our patients and do the best thing for children’s health.


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