Our children are watching and they are counting on us.

Our team has been heartbroken and distressed with the people of Missouri and across America watching the events of the last few weeks unfold. Witnessing the murder of George Floyd ignited a pain in all of us, but especially our communities of color, as it was another atrocity in a long history of violence, injustice and systemic racism. We know that these problems exist, and the lives of black and brown children and families in Missouri are negatively impacted by policies and economic conditions that compound racial disparities. This includes access to food, health care, quality schools and academic support, child care, wages, stable housing, and so much more. The data is there, the painful stories are there, and yet, the problems persist.

Our concerns are amplified now, as children and families are experiencing trauma brought about by the pandemic and civil unrest, all of which disproportionately impacts black and brown communities. The need to act is more urgent than ever to build a better and more equitable future for our children.

At Kids Win Missouri, we commit to:

  • Working to actively grow our coalition and welcoming and elevating new voices at our table, particularly those members of black and brown-led organizations or communities to engage in our policy development and advocacy work and help in leading us forward.
  • Listening, learning, and educating ourselves through training opportunities and engagement with our partners to overcome our own biases and become more effective allies in this work.
  • Being more explicit in the ways that we identify and address racial disparities in our policy and advocacy work, so that we are not only promoting policies that are anti-racist, but policies that advance racial equity and justice for children and families throughout our state.

Black children matter. Black families matter. Black lives matter.

We stand with children and families throughout Missouri who have experienced racism or whose lives have been impacted by systemic racism, and those who are allies in the fight to ensure liberty and justice for all. Our vision is a Missouri where all children can be happy, healthy, and successful. To achieve this, we must stand together and act now to combat systemic racism and injustice head-on and build a brighter future for Missouri and our next generation.

Our kids are watching and they are counting on us.

-Brian, Casey & Craig

The Kids Win Missouri Team

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