Partner Spotlight: CarePortal connects organizations to support foster children

Our partner of the month is CarePortal – an organization focused on supporting children and families interacting with the foster system, whether they are trying to stay together as a family through a crisis or need the support of their community to ensure children’s needs are being met. CarePortal utilizes technology to help meet children and families where they are and connect them with resources and community members that can help.

How does your organization work to improve child well-being in your community or in the state of MO?

CarePortal works with local churches and child serving agencies in MO and throughout the U.S. We work to help elevate concerns that might bring a child and family to the eyes of Children’s Division. We help in prevention, foster care, adoption and transitioning out. We help with tangible items or financial assistance.

Why do you think it’s important for our state to invest in children?

It’s critical that our state invests in children, because they are not only the future of our world but the most vulnerable population. Children need to be taken care of and invested in to stop the cycle.

What do you like most about being a member of or working with Kids Win Missouri?

Kids Win helps us stay informed of things happening currently and in the future. We have the opportunity to hear from others on what is going on in MO.

What impact will the foster care investments from last legislative session have on your organization or the parents and community members you work with who support foster children?

The investments from the last legislative session will allow us to expand CarePortal to more counties in Missouri. This will allow us to help more children and families with local churches throughout Missouri.

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