Partner Spotlight: North Kansas City Schools Adventure Club Program keeps the Lights On Afterschool!

by Vanessa New, Program Director for North Kansas City Schools Adventure Club

How does your organization work to improve child well-being in your community or in the state of MO?

We offer before and after school services for working families in the North Kansas City School District. We provide a safe, inclusive, enjoyable and appealing environment for children which includes interacting, problem solving and making choices to facilitate the development of life skills. We partner with community organizations to support and provide  hands on opportunities for children to learn about STEM, literacy and community service.


What policy change would you most like to see to support child well-being in our state?

As we celebrate National Lights on Afterschool  Day onThursday, October 28th we would like to continue to see advocacy for funding for all children to have access to before and after school care in their local communities.


Why do you think it’s important for our state to invest in children?

Investing in our children is non-negotiable! Children are our future and as such, we should empower and inspire them to “Dream Big”  by providing  educational and career opportunities  in school, and beyond the classroom that will prepare them academically and emotionally to navigate the ever changing world around them.


What do you like most about working with Kids Win Missouri?

I have found that working with Kids Win is a “Win” for providers! They provide a platform for child care professionals to learn about polices and state initiatives, while providing a collective voice direct to those who make decisions that impact our children and our jobs.


Anything else interesting coming up that you’d like to let us and our audience know about?

We are excited to celebrate National  Lights On Afterschool Day on Thursday, October 28, 2021. We have awesome activities planned for our families as we highlight the important role that after school plays in the development of children in school-age child care. We have 24 programs that will be participating in this national day of celebration.


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