PLTI-KC empowers parents to be advocates

The Parent Leadership Training Institute of Kansas City (PLTI-KC) believes that families, communities and democracy are strengthened when parents have the knowledge and skills to maximize child outcomes at home, in school, in their neighborhood and in public policy.

Through the 21-week leadership and civics program with nationally-trained local facilitators, PLTI-KC helps parents get in the weeds on policy issues impacting their children and provides parents with support and individual coaching as they embark on a policy project aimed at improving their local communities. Upon graduation from the program, many PLTI-KC parents have gone on to serve on city boards and commissions, develop their own parent organizations, or continue to advocate for state policies that support their children.

At Kids Win, we agree that parents are the BEST advocates for their children, and that’s why we put our partners at PLTI-KC in the spotlight in August. Read the interview below with PLTI-KC Director Julie Holland.

How does your organization work to improve child well-being in your community or in the state of MO?

PLTI-KC believes that when parents are engaged in participatory democracy, child outcomes improve. Our mission is to train and mobilize parents to become leading advocates for children.

What policy change would you most like to see to support child well-being in our state? Explain!

Parents determine our policy agenda. PLTI-KC connects parent leaders to policymakers to share their perspectives and expertise on children’s issues. We also prepare parents to lead on boards, commissions, and in elected offices. PLTI-KC believes that parents belong at all tables where decisions are made about policies and programs affecting children.

What do you like most about being a member of or working with Kids Win Missouri?

Kids Win Missouri values and prioritizes parent voice. They have included PLTI parent leaders’ stories and insights in their reports on child care and Medicaid.

Anything else fun/interesting coming up that you’d like to let us and our audience know about?

If other organizations are looking to include parent voice or leadership in their organization or initiative, please reach out to us. We’d love to connect.

You can learn more about PLTI-KC by visiting their website here or @pltikc on Facebook and Twitter.

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