Provider Spotlight — Dlo is a parent and provider with 25 years of experience in ECE!

Dlo is a Provider Fellow from St. Joseph, MO. For the past two years, Dlo has served as the Director of Special Programs. Her career in education spans 25 years with experience ranging from early childhood education to district administration. She is currently working on her Special Education Administration endorsement. Dlo loves spending time with her family any chance she can get. Read more about Dlo here! 

How did you become an advocate for early childhood education? 

Having been in the education field for over 25 years and having my own children, I have always known the importance of early childhood education. However, now that I have 3 grandchildren and have seen the needs in our community, I have a renewed passion for making sure all children in our community have quality early childhood opportunities.

Why do you think it’s important to be an advocate as a provider?

We live in a childcare desert. Families that choose or need to work need to have quality, safe options that they can afford.

Why should Missouri invest more in child care and early education?

There are not enough early childhood spots for childcare or for preschool. The spots that are available come at a high cost and many times the waitlists are long. 

Subsidies are great but often times they do not reach the working families that don’t qualify for help so there is a gap.

In one sentence, what does the ideal child care and early education system look like for Missouri families?

Safe play based centers with healthy food, age appropriate materials, a good understanding of child development, varying hours of operation, reasonable fee structure and good communication between home and center.

What is one thing you’ve learned about advocacy that you’d like to share with others?

Knowledge is power. Many individuals are unaware of this child care crisis.

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