Welcome to Kids Win Missouri

Welcome to Kids Win Missouri’s Blog!

We look forward to providing you with information on issues that impact children in the Show-Me State. Our blog will be regularly updated with contributions from practitioners, experts and leaders in the child well-being field. Their posts will encompass topics including education, health, family, development and safety.

Our goals for this blog include:

  • Bringing attention to child well-being issues in Missouri, Kids Win Missouri’s policy priorities and the work of the organization.
  • Utilizing the knowledge, experience and wisdom of our members, partners and stakeholders, and raising awareness of their work and how it impacts children in Missouri.
  • Providing timely and accurate information on the activities, policies and public decisions relating to children’s policy in the state.

The blog will be the most active during the state legislative session (January through May), but we will also have posts during the interim on trending topics and special features.

We hope the information will serve as a resource as we work to improve the lives of Missouri kids. We welcome your feedback. Please send it to me at or Judy Dungan at

And while you’re here, please take time to check out our website and learn more about Kids Win Missouri.

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