Vote Yes on 2 to Support Missouri Children and Families

At Kids Win Missouri, our vision is a Missouri where all children have the opportunity to be happy, healthy, and successful. With this in mind, we are proud to give our endorsement to the Yes on 2 campaign and urge Missouri voters to approve Medicaid Expansion on the ballot on August 4.

Since Missouri will be the 39th state to expand Medicaid, we have the advantage of learning from the lessons and data the other states that have gone before us and can further prove why Medicaid Expansion matters for children and families in our state. Let us show you why you should join us in voting Yes on Amendment 2.

In states that have expanded Medicaid, more children have health insurance, and more parents and children access care.

With Medicaid Expansion in Missouri, we have an opportunity to give over 200,000 Missourians health insurance coverage, including over 50,000 parents. Medicaid expansion is not only good for the adults who will gain health coverage, it also boosts coverage for kids. Data show states that have not expanded Medicaid to parents and other adults have seen increases in their rate of uninsured children three times as large as states that have expanded. Missouri saw an almost 17% increase in the number of uninsured children between 2016-2018, which translates to over 23,000 children without insurance. Medicaid Expansion is one way we can ensure more kids are covered in Missouri.

States that have expanded Medicaid have found that when uninsured adults gain access to health care, they are more likely to address health issues, seek preventive care, fill needed prescriptions, and report feeling healthier. When those uninsured adults who gain coverage are parents, they are also more likely to ensure their children get the necessary preventive care to stay healthy, too. Healthier parents and children will build healthier communities throughout our state.

We can make Missouri a better place for moms and babies.

Our infant and maternal mortality rates in Missouri are alarming, and we know there are significant disparities in health outcomes for African American mothers and infants compared with white mothers and infants. States that have expanded Medicaid saw a 50% greater reduction in infant mortality and reduced rates of maternal death compared to non-expansion states. When we support moms, we can help ensure a healthier start for our children.

We can ensure Missourians have access to care where they live.

Missouri has lost 10 rural hospitals since 2014, and other states that have not expanded Medicaid have seen similar results. When clinics or hospitals close in communities, it is more difficult for families to access preventive care, maintenance care, and emergency care when they need it, putting children and families’ health at much greater risk. Health care closures also amount to job loss and economic insecurity in already hard-hit rural communities. Medicaid Expansion can help save rural hospitals at risk of closure while saving the lives of children and families in those communities when they need access to critical care.

Health insurance coverage will improve families’ economic security and build a stronger economy for our children’s future.

Finances and health care costs can be major stressors for parents and families, as they are sometimes forced to choose between paying for necessary health care and paying their bills. We currently have hundreds of thousands of people in Missouri who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, can’t access employer sponsored coverage, and can’t afford coverage on their own. By removing health care as stressor and providing coverage for low-income adults, we can provide the additional support a parent may need to ensure they are healthy to care for their child.

Beyond the benefits for individual families, a recent report from Missouri Foundation for Health shows the potential broad economic benefits for the state, including an average increase of more than 16,000 jobs each year following Medicaid expansion. Nine out of ten of the jobs we stand to gain will also pay at or above $15 per hour. The opportunity to access health care, higher wages, and benefits will not only impact individual families, but our entire state, making it a better place to live and raise our children.

Our children deserve every dollar of our investment.

Every year that our state passes by the opportunity to expand Medicaid, we leave dollars on the table that could go towards improving the health and lives of our fellow citizens in Missouri. By expanding Medicaid, we have an opportunity to bring over $1 Billion back to the state of Missouri annually to further support children and families here.

These are some of the many reasons to support Medicaid Expansion and the critical role it can play in ensuring we cover our parents and cover our kids. We can’t wait for Missouri to become the 39th state to expand Medicaid, and we urge you to join us in voting Yes on 2 on August 4.

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